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greg carter

Little White Lies
House of Cards


I was one of the 41 illustrators selected to produce an illustration for Little White Lies House of Cards deck of cards.



Scientific and

Medical Illustrations


A range of my natural history scientific illustrations and my medical illustrations for the University of Buckingham Medical School.



ITV Freelance

Social Media Design


Working as part of the Real-Time Studio team I assist in the creation of content for different social media channels.




Masters of Camouflage

Pop up Exhibition


A collaboration with Frederick Hessian where we created a pop up style exhibition on the them of animal camouflage.



Animation and

Motion Design


A link to my latest

animation and video

editing showreel

on Vimeo.



A Real Life Bug's Life



I decided to redesign the characters from A Bug's

Life as 'scientifically

accurate' specimens.